START DATE: Fri, 01 January 2021, END DATE: Fri, 30 April 2021
All information should be completed prior to Sun, 02 May 2021 11:59PM and will be tabulated by Challenge Coordinator at that time. No Excpetions.

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  1. Personally sponsor a new Qualified Unfranchise Owner (list name, UFO ID and sponsorship date)
  2. You and your new personally sponsored UnFranchise Owner must complete all of the following:
    • a) Complete Shopping Annuity Assessment
    • b) Download, install and log into ShopBuddy.
    upload screenshots of SAMM report showing completed steps.

  3. Create 500 BV worth of MA branded products for personal use or customer sales. Must submit order numbers, dates and BV amounts (Note: you may use the SAMM or Master UFO Report to show Qualified Orders)
  4. Create 50 IBV from your or your customer purchases. List dates and amounts of IBV. You may use SAMM or Master UFO reports to list orders.
  5. Purchase 3 tickets to the Emily Pennito May 2021 Local Training. Put date tickets purchased in notes. Tickets can be purchased here -
Bonus Points
  1. 50 points for each additional personally sponsored UFO. (In addition to any UFOs listed above) LIST NAME AND REGISTRATION DATE OF EACH.
  2. 100 points for helping a personally sponsored UnFranchise Owner sponsor two qualified UnFranchise owners. UFO you help must have registered during the current Challenge period. LIST NAME OF UFO YOU ASSISTED AND NAMES/DATES OF THEIR NEW PARTNERS.
  3. 10 points for each new Registered Customer who places an order on your Shop(dot)com site. LIST PC ID, ORDER NUMBER and ORDER DATE for each qualifying order.
  4. 10 pts for each Home/Private Zoom Event conducted or attended with a Guest (Guest can be Host of event). Can be any of the following: Home Business Presentation (HBP), Home Wellness Event, Home Motives event, Home SHOP.COM website shopping event. LIST TYPE OF EVENT/DATE OF EVENT/NAME OF GUEST(S).
  5. 15 pts for each GMTSS event attended with a guest. Can be any event listed in GMTSS (UBP, Motives Training, Local, etc. ) LIST DATE + TYPE OF EVENT/NAME OF GUEST.


If you have qualified for Master UFO within one year of the challenge completion date, AND HAVE SPOSORED A NEW PARTNER DURING THE CHALLENGE PERIOD you can automatically qualify as a challenge winner.

To exercise this option, fill in the form above, list the tickets purchased, and for the other required steps, check each box and put 'MASTER UFO' in the notes box for each section. Use the Upload feature to submit a copy of your MASTER UFO QUALIFICATION LETTER, or screen shot of your MASTER UFO PROGAM report for the qualifying quarter.

NOTE: you must list a personally sponsored UFO during the challenge period. This may be the UFO that was used to qualify for Master UFO.

Fill in the bonus points section for any bonus points. Bonus points are not awarded for the personally sponsored UFO that is used to qualify for MASTER UFO.

Russell Polo is the author of this Challenge and it is reviewed and approved by the Regional Director Phil Guido.

Please address questions regarding Challenge accordingly.