Like many of the older protestant churches in our area we had been struggling to define and maintain our presence in a community that has radically changed over the last several decades.   We were trying to let people know we were still here and to give them a brief picture of our identity.   Obviously, we hoped some of them would come and find us.  We began with traditional methods of print advertising and direct mail campaigns that cost thousands of dollars.  After all, these approaches had worked well in the past.  This time they did not.

We began to realize that the missing generations we were trying to reach were not reading their “junk mail” and almost never purchase a newspaper.   So instead of investing more money in things that weren’t working, we decided to begin work on a new website that went live several months ago.  Immediately we saw a difference and continue to see new faces coming through our doors.  Some of these people have stayed with us.  We always ask, “How did you hear about us?”  These days, the answer is almost always, “The internet.”    Our presence on the web costs us a fraction of what we used to spend,  and has brought us much greater results. 

Trista Polo has been an invaluable resource in this process, not only connecting us with a great web design team, but also advising us as we steer our way through the world of social media and web advertising.   We have been impressed with her warmth and professionalism and her willingness to answer questions.  She has helped us dream new dreams toward community outreach and we highly recommend her services as a benefit to any business, religious or civic organization.

The Rev. David Gregory

North Congregational United Church of Christ

North Congregational United Church of Christ -