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17 August 2009
Trista Polo named Certified Webcenter Trainer by MA WebCenters

On August 11, 2009, Trista Polo was awarded Certified Webcenter Trainer designation by Jeremy Fennema who leads the division. Trista is one of only 40 people certified in the US to lead this training for MA Webcenters and is already receiving reservations for her yet-to-be-scheduled first training. Trista is one of a handfull of Certified Webcenter Trainers in the local Hudson Valley and is excited to be able to provide this valuable information locally and across the US. She is especially excited because, "the training is all new and covers exciting enhancemets in the MA Webcenter program including the Internship Program, MA Global and more." When asked about the Internship Program, Trista explained that it is a new program allowing entrepreneurs to learn the MA Webcenter program and earn their way into a powerful and proven system that gets advanced website technology into the hands of the small and medium business owner. And the MA Webcenter Training is a great step toward that goal. Trista will be scheduling a training in the Hudson Valley in September and will be announcing the training on her blog. She recommends that you check back often to ensure you get one of the spots, because seating will be limited. At only $35 per ticket, it's a great value.

Tom Pagnini (13 September 2009)
Re: WCT Training registration ... Where do I send a check? Payable to whom?, etc. Thanks ...
Trista (30 September 2009)
I am doing my first Hudson Valley Web Center Training on Saturday Oct. 3 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Fishkill NY. Im so excited and cant wait. Ill be traveling to LA CA next and the following Sunday on Oct. 11 Ill be presenting the Web Center Training in English with Ailey Chen, the local trainer there. Im excited to begin this rewarding part of my MA WebCenters Career!
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